Even though it’s my first experience as a designer, I’ve always loved board games and I used to play a lot of classic games like chess, Scrabble, Risk, Monopoly and many others. Today I enjoy Dice Forge, Chronicles of Crime, Azul …

I was not interested in designing another of these very complex games with multiple interlinking mini-systems often resulting in long rules explanation just because it’s the trend now! Being an introverted person, I love the fact that board games allow me to share structured, quality time with other people. Many games can be really fun and memorable when you share them with friends and family, they don’t have to be the flavor of the day.

Like books, games attract a certain kind of people who like the type of mechanic, the challenge and the style the designer offers them and it’s just fine like that… there must be something for every taste!

Q- What are the main characteristics of this game?

Very humorous, social, challenging and provides a nice break from screens of all kind.

Q- What will players particularly enjoy?

It invites players to engage with one another throughout the game, whether cooperatively or competitively, to trade, to fight, and more. Additionally, it doesn’t eliminate players early on. 

Q- Isn’t roll and move considered an outdated mechanic?

Why all the hate towards rool and move games? Yes my game involves rolling the dice and moving on a board, but it also offers so much more. Luck and strategy are well-balanced and the gameplay offers enough exciting decision-making to really engage adult players.

As a matter of fact, roll and move is a perfectly acceptable mechanic and makes more sense than other methods in many games. And the player will see that winning a country, making a move that surprises his opponent, fight with his armies, understand the rules and make the best use of them, etc. will be very satisfying.

Q- Does the game allows the player to develop different strategies to take action and finally win?

In addition to basic actions that all players can take, it allows the player to take specific actions, such as stealing, trading cards, etc. and it has multiple strategies for players to learn rather than one dominant approach to win the game.

Q- Do I have to know or learn the countries names or flags to play u..n?

No u..n is not a geography game, but obviously you will learn a few of them while playing. 


Wellie Denoncourt