Virtual dice

Virtual dice can advantageously replace the movement (d6) dice and the alphabetical dice (d20).

A smartphone is required, you can use one phone for all members.
In addition the same phone can be used as a timer for the game.

Where to find the app:



You’ll need two dice boards:

1- Use an 8-sided die (d8) and two 6-sided dice for movement.

2- Use an 20 sided die (d20) to get out of the refugee zone.

To use the dice, install the paid version of the “7pixels dice” app on your phone. (2 – 3 us$)

Load the following three images on your phone to set up your dice.


[wpdm_package id=’1263′]

[wpdm_package id=’1260′]

[wpdm_package id=’1713′]


Follow the instructions in the “7 pixel dice” app to design the dice.


For more help: